On November 7th, 1981, I was born at Wahiawa General Hospital in Oahu, HI. My dad and grandfather were both pastors at Pacific Islands Bible Church in Mililani, HI. I was the oldest of five kids.

In 1988 my family moved to New Jersey where my Dad took the pastorate of an Evangelical Free church in Lawrenceville, NJ. My parents homeschooled me through almost all grades.

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During a three week summer vacation in 1995 I was visiting my grandparents in Oahu. My Grandpa made me an offer. He told me that he would pay me $100 if I would memorize 100 Bible verses. My Grandpa worked with me everyday to reach this goal. On the last day of the vacation I memorized the final verse. It was through this challenge that I surrendered my life to Christ. My heart was awakened to a relationship with God and I sensed a call to full-time ministry.

In 1999 I left New Jersey to attend Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California. After graduating from the Bible College, I was hired by the same school to be an administrator and teacher. I married my wife Melinda in 2002. We have three kids: Hudson (13), Hayden (10) and Hanalei (6).

In 2007 I moved my family to the island of Kauai where we pioneered the start up of a Bible College. Our family was in Kauai for three and a half years working on this project. The Bible College consistently hosted between 12-27 students while I was the director. In 2010 we moved back to Southern California so that I could become the interim director at Calvary Chapel University. The University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in multiple fields. I transitioned out of my leadership role in CCU and into an assistant pastor role at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. My weekly responsibilities included teaching for the School of Worship, the School of Ministry, taking counseling appointments, taking prayer calls, and handling other pastoral duties.

Employment History

My work experience started informally as a volunteer in my dad's church while I was a teenager. I also volunteered in a local book shop when I was 13 years of age. I continued to serve in ministry settings and as hospital chaplain while he was in Bible College. Upon graduating from Bible College I was offered a full time job as an administrator at the same college. I have been a leader, teacher, assistant pastor, and administrator in a number of different roles as seen below. 

Assistant Pastor, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa; Santa Ana, California ~ 2013 - 2016

In 2013 Josh was asked to take on the role of assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. His responsibilities include counseling, and care for church members, teaching in the School of Ministry and School of Worship, and assisting with the worship services.

President, Community Christian College, Redlands, California ~ 2015 - 2018

Josh has served as a consultant to Community Christian College since 2012. He is primarily advising and training the staff on new educational technology. Josh has also helped the college promote itself online based on his wealth of experience in online marketing.

Director of Online Strategies, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, California ~ 2011-2013

In 2011 Josh was asked to oversee the redesign of along with the social media sites connected to Calvary Chapel.

Josh’s responsibilities included interacting with a team of 20 Calvary Chapel leaders from around the world on the overall vision for the site. He outlined the proposed features for the site and communicated those plans to the technical team at CCCM. He also designated the authors that would contribute to the blog and communicated with the Calvary Chapel pastors who would contribute media resources to the site. Josh served directly under Pastor Brian Brodersen’s leadership throughout this process. He also worked an a number of side projects for Pastor Brian

Director, Calvary Chapel University; Santa Ana, California ~ 2010- 2012

In 2010 Josh was invited to become the Director of Operations at Calvary Chapel University. This college program was primarily an online school offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in Christian Education, Leadership, Counseling, Ministry, and the Arts.

Josh’s responsibilities included the restructuring of the University’s finances, marketing, academic objectives, and admissions policies. Under Josh’s leadership the Universities enrollment doubled and net revenue tripled. Josh brought CCU under Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s umbrella for an incubation period. Once CCU was on a track to thrive it was handed off to Dr. Chapin Marsh to continue its progress.

Director, Kauai Bible College; Kapaa, Hawaii ~ 2007- 2010

In 2007 Josh was invited to Kauai to help Calvary Chapel start a new Bible College.  He was given eight months to develop a plan and three months to build a campus that would house 32 students and eight staff. His start-up budget was $80,000. During the Summer of 2007 Kauai Bible College was birthed. For their first Fall semester they had in attendance 27 full time students and nine full time staff. Over the following three year the school enrolled over 160 students.

Josh’s job description as the college director/architect included: organizing and developing staff operating procedures, academic standards, budgets, advertising strategies,  and planning administrative office infrastructure. Josh also taught classes each semester, worked to develop the staff’s performance, counseled students, and dealt with disciplinary problems.

Assistant Pastor and Board Member, Calvary Chapel Kauai; Kapaa, Hawaii ~ 2007- 2010

While Josh oversaw the development of the Bible College in Kauai, he also served as an assistant pastor and board member at Calvary Chapel Kauai. His responsibilities included caring for people on Sundays, occasional preaching, attendance of all staff and board meetings, and being the secretary of the board from 2009-2010. There were a number of challenging leadership issues that arose for the board during this time and these experiences sharpened Josh’s understanding of church governance and leadership.

In 2007 Josh was ordained as a Calvary Chapel pastor by Calvary Chapel Hot Springs in Murrieta, California. He has served as a pastor since that time. 

Administration, Calvary Chapel Bible College; Murrieta, California ~ 2001-2007

Josh worked at Calvary Chapel Bible College developing new programs. He created a community outreach class for second year students. He also created a graduate placement program that worked with churches around the world.

Josh taught three different Bible classes at the College: Biblical Prayer, The Attributes and Names of God, and a Survey of 2nd Corinthians.

He attempted to influence the school’s leadership towards taking significant steps with their marketing and advertising. During his tenure at the school these suggestions seemed to fall on deft ears, but many of his ideas were implemented after he moved to Kauai.

Board member Calvary Chapel Education Association ~ 2009 - 2011

Josh served on the Calvary Chapel Education Association board helping provide strategies for the development of K-12 schools, and organizing ways for Calvary Chapel colleges to collaborate. He was invited to join the board in 2009 because of his years of experience with Calvary Chapel Bible Colleges and a visionary paper he wrote about Calvary Chapel provide a 100% education solution for young adults.

In addition to these listed ministry experiences, Josh has been greatly influenced by his parents and grandparents who have been church planters for the past 50 years. Josh was raised in three small churches from birth to age 17. His Dad is one of his closest friends and ministry mentors.

Josh's Education

I had the privilege of being homeschooled from age six until I was seventeen. For a short period of time my family lived in Kenya where I attended the Rift Valley Academy. But besides those nine months, I was at home. Homeschooling fostered in me a love for learning and an excitement about the world. It also gave me a great deal of freedom to study my Bible and grow in my relationship with Jesus. I graduated a year early and headed off to Bible College when I was seventeen years old. 

Calvary Chapel Bible College

In 1999 I enrolled in Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California. My peers at that time were Tim Chaddick, Dominic Balli and my wife Melinda. The time I spent at the Bible College was deeply rewarding and planted in me a life long love for the Bible. One of my favorite professors, Bob Hoekstra, passed away in in 2012. In 2001 I graduated with an Associates in Theology.

Faith Evangelical Seminary

In 2003 I enrolled in the undergraduate program at Faith. They accepted all of my credits from Calvary Chapel Bible College and set me up with a degree track that allowed me to take more Bible and some general education courses. After three major stops and starts I completed my degree in 2011. Yes, I managed to spread two years into nine years. I graduated from Faith with a Bachelors of Arts in Religion.

Western Seminary

In 2019 I enrolled in Western Seminary with the intention of completing a Master of Divinity degree.