Speaker : Radio Host : Interviewer

Since 2001 I have served as a faculty member at various colleges including: Calvary Chapel Bible College, Kauai Bible College, Calvary Chapel University, The School of Worship and The School of Ministry. I have logged over 1,000 hours in the classroom and have developed 14 different courses.

In addition to classroom instruction, I was the host for Pastor's Perspective, a national radio program that fields questions about the Bible and the Christian life. 

How to Rest in God During Pain and Suffering

I gave this message at a Calvary Chapel Bible College Sunday Night Chapel during the Spring 2016 semester.

Pastor's Perspective

Pastor's Perspective is a one hour radio program that airs around the country. We field callers question about the Bible and the Christian life. I am the host and am joined in studio by Pastor Brian Brodersen and Don Stewart.  View the video archive here. 

Six Freedom Principles

This is a teaching that I gave at Calvary Chapel Bible College during the Fall 2014 school year.

Social Media and the Church

This is a message that I gave at the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastor's Conference in 2012. I layout the philosophical reasons for why churches and pastors should consider using social media as a part of their ministry approach.

Things That Matter Episodes