What I’m Checking Out Online


Periscope 1.1

Today Periscope 1.1 was released. I have been using Periscope since it first launched a couple of months ago. It represents one significant aspect of new social media. This update includes an awesome map view of where people are “scoping” from in the world. It is interesting to see how few livefeeds are happening at any given time.

Sacca’s Recent Essay About Twitter

Chris Sacca is in a league of his own as a VC and has a tone of Twitter stock. This week he wrote a lengthy piece about his opinions on Twitter and what needs to be developed to keep it growing. I think it is highly likely that a number of his ideas will find their way into the app over the next year. Sacca is also on Periscope and is pretty generous with his time in answering Q&A.

The Nuzzel App

Nuzzel is a news aggregator that pulls the top stories from the people you follow on Twitter. It uses an algorithm to determine what is most popular and important. This is a great tool because it is easy to miss important links in the raw Twitter feed. Check it out here.