The Reproducers

I just got back from the East Coast Pastor's Conference. It was an excellent conference. The backbone purpose of my trip was to communicate the vision for college education emerging at Calvary Chapel University. But at the same time I was looking forward to seeing old friends and worshiping with the 1000 other leaders in attendance. Joe Focht did an excellent job leading the conference and Rob Paoletti blessed everyone with his gift in leading worship.

One of the treasures that I found was the republication of The Reproducers. From what Joe said, he worked with Pastor Chuck to get permission to republish this short account of the Jesus movement. They updated the cover and Pastor Chuck added a new introduction. I've been blessed by what I've read thus far. I may have some follow up thoughts when I'm done reading it. But my initially thought is that it is healthy to remember what God did, and meditate on the might acts of God. At the same time it stirs up a longing for a fresh new work for my generation.

Update: I'm working on a link for where the book can be ordered. I think it was published by CC Philly, but I'll confirm that as soon as I hear the word.