The Need for Faith and Humility

One of the great teachers affiliated with Calvary Chapel is a man named Bob Hoekstra. He may be one of the most undervalued teachers in the movement. I had the privilege of taking four classes with Bob in Bible College and I am still using the material I learned back then. He has a laser like focus on the New Covenant. And most of his teaching has to do with the nuances and ramifications of the New Covenant.

One of the greatest things I learned from his was his teaching on Faith and Humility. Based on Romans 5 and James 4 Bob taught that grace is given to a person who is expressing their faith towards God and is humble. He memorably said, "The expression of humility is: God I can't do it. And the expression of faith is: God you can do it." It is when we as believers are walking in these two attitudes of faith and humility that God gives us his grace.

So how does this apply to Calvary Chapel?

In early days of the Calvary Chapel movement there was an amazing display of God's grace, power, life, and sufficiency. I think this correlates to the overall disposition of the men and women in Calvary Chapel at that time. The circumstances were influencing men and women to walk in faith and humility. In turn God was giving grace the the movement.

I was thinking about the Venture of Faith film and the Calvary Chapel Distinctives that talks about taking ventures of faith. Faith was required of those who wanted to obey God's call during the CC movement. Guys were taking ventures of faith to plant churches, build buildings, take missions trips, start radio stations and the list goes on.

But now the circumstances are different. Many of those churches have now matured into full ministry centers. There is tremendous wealth in many Calvary Chapels and staffs that sometimes top 200 people.

Instead of being influenced toward faith and humility there is a pull towards pride and self-sufficiency. I'm not saying that all Calvary Chapels are prideful and lacking faith. I'm only saying that the circumstances aren't necessarily encouraging our attitude in the direction of faith and humility.

We need to be ware of this reality. And we need to return to the Lord for fresh revelation on what it means for us to now be full of faith and humility in the midst of our current circumstances.