The Linchpin Revolution

This last week I spoke at the West Coast Teachers Convention for Calvary Chapel Education Association. I spent some weeks leading up to the even wrestling with what I would talk about. Finally, I decided to take a risk. I decided to share on a concept that had been brewing in my mind for the past two years. It was a culmination of a number of different sources, but the largest contributing factor was Seth Godin’s book The Linchpin.

The basic jist of Godin’s book is to say that the economic system of the past two hundred years is changing and the person who will be successful is going to have to play by a different set of rules. To succeed in this new arena an individual will need to be a Linchpin.

He goes on to define the Linchpin as a person who is a risk-taker, willing to make human connection, willing to break away from old systems, think creatively, do emotional work, and give gifts of art. Three quarters of the book is spent defining the Linchpin.

I first came across Godin’s book when I was thinking about how to do the Bible College in Kauai better. There was a lot of pressure to improve the program. Our numbers had dropped off. And in turn our finances had dropped off. But I was also concerned about the fruit coming out of the college.

The Linchpin fit into these musings. It was proposing that a different kind of person would be successful. And I was trying to figure out how to develop Bible College students that would be more fruitful. The two ideas complimented each other well; especially when I read that the character qualities recommended in the Linchpin are essentially the Spirit filled life. As I said in my talk on Thursday: Christianity is coming into Vogue. (Not really... There will always be spiritual opposition to Jesus.)

This is especially relevant for the education industry. There are all types of changes taking place in this arena. And that change is threatening the jobs of teachers. The recommendations that Seth Godin makes in Linchpin are excellent. They are a renewed license to walk in the Spirit and be a disciple of Jesus in an arena where the old system is breaking.