The GOP Field Doesn't Surprise Me

In the past five years I have only published one political article on my blog. It was published in 2013 as praise to Ted Cruz' decision to filibuster Obamacare. I appreciated the boldness of such a move and I found it fascinating to watch how little support Cruz had among his fellow Republicans. Cruz' decision was bold and different. He stood out as a man of principles.

I also wrote a political article early last Fall but did not publish it. That article was an affirmation of Donald Trump hours after he had suggested that John McCain was no hero. It was not an article that defended Trumps disrespect for McCain, but rather was an explaination on why it was a brilliant political move as the GOP nominee. In the article I noted the pent up frustrations that many Republicans felt towards McCain for his continual comprises with Democrats in Washington. And I suggested that Trump's attacks on McCain were perfectly in tune with an inward anger felt by many conservatives. I didn't publish that article because I feared looking like an idiot buttressing an egotistical outside candidate.

But here were are. The two remaining GOP candidates are Cruz and Trump.

When playing politics there is something to be said for strength, guts, and bold communication. The supposed political decorum has been turned on its head. This time around... Strong, bold personalities have won the day.

I actually don't like either candidate. Neither man will do a good job of representing my political views. But I respect both men's political acumen.