The CCU Story

Our Move to Calvary Chapel University

For those of you wondering how the new job with CCU developed here is the story in a nut shell.

October 19th, 2008

I woke up at 4:00 AM with a crazy idea. It actually was an idea that came from a questions: "Why can't Calvary Chapel offer more than just a Bible College program?"

You see, for the preceding nine years I had participated in Calvary Chapel Bible College as a student, staff and director. It was an awesome experience, but the numbers seemed anemic compared to other educational programs. From my perspective CCBC was not receiving the volume of students that it should. As big as Calvary Chapel is, there was only a small portion of students attending the Bible Colleges.

So I began to answer the question in a document. I outlined a comprehensive post-grad program that could include the existing Bible College but added some other major components. For two hours I typed out everything that came to mind. When I was done I thought it was genius, but I had no idea what to do with it. So it went in a file...for another year.

August 18th, 2009

In early August Phil and Pam O'Malley took me out to lunch. We talked about the latest news from Calvary Chapel Education Association. This was actually my second lunch with the O'Malley's and we had been in discussions about getting Kauai Bible College enrolled as a member of CCEA.

At some point in the conversation I began to share my vision for Calvary Chapel and post-secondary education. The core of my message was that Calvary Chapel should be offering a whole lot more than just a Bible College experience. They were very interested and asked me to put my thoughts down on paper. That is when I told them I had already created a document at 4:00 in the morning and could just forward it to them.

On August 18th I finalized that document and sent it to to Phil. He then forwarded it out to other CCEA board members who were interested in post-secondary education. I also created a follow up YouTube video outlining the same concept.

December 3rd, 2009

In early December I received an email from Phil O'Malley informing me that I had been nominated as a potential board member for CCEA. I accepted the proposed nomination and was voted onto the board the following month.

March 8-10th, 2010

In March I attended my first CCEA board meeting and met so many of the men and women I deeply respected in the field of Calvary Chapel education. I met for the first time Chapin Marsh; the President of Calvary Chapel University. Also in attendance was my former boss; Dave Shirley the director of Calvary Chapel Bible College.

From the board meeting a task force was created that included all the post-secondary CCU leaders that serve on the CCEA board. That would include Chapin Marsh, Dave Shirley, Carl Westerlin, Brian Nixon, and myself.

March 2010 to Present

All throughout the year of 2010 God was placing specific desires and direction in our hearts. My wife and I talked about our willingness to return to Southern California if God directed. I developed vision for an online college. I felt God leading me to be aggressive and make bold moves.

At the end of the Summer God spoke very clearly to me about leaving Kauai Bible College and joining CCU. I made a phone call to Phil O'Malley to hear what was new with CCU. I was intending to offer myself as an assistant to the president, but Phil told me that the President (Chapin Marsh) had been asked to lead Horizon College. He was already working full time for that school.

Then came a real shocker. Phil told me that his wife had already proposed the idea of me participating in the leadership of CCU team. God had already placed the idea in their minds before I picked up the phone.

Within a week we decided to make the move after the end of the Fall semester. We would be leaving Kauai Bible College after three and a half years. And I would become the Director of Operations for CCU.