Bits, Rudders and Sparks


James gives three examples of small natural elements that cause an effect 100 times its own size: bits, rudders and sparks. A bit in the mouth of a horse can direct the large beast. A small wooden rudder can direct a massive ship through the water. A small spark can ignite a huge forest fire. And embedded within these examples is the principle that a pure life is possible if the tongue is under control.

But does James suggest this as a hypothetical to tease out the depravity of man? Is he dangling a carrot in front of eyes to motivate holiness? Is the tamed tongue on display behind a glass window? These are some of the questions we looked at on Saturday night as we studied James 3.

I'd love to hear your opinion on James 3 and specifically verse 2. Is James saying that it is possible to tame the tongue or is it just a hypothetical point that leads to a bigger point? What do you think?

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