Nine Marks of Spiritual Awakening

1. A Desire to Pray

There is not one revival in Church History that did not start with a desire to pray. The revival of 1727, known as the Moravian revival started with prayer. And that prayer meeting did not stop until 100 years later. Yep, they prayed 24 hours a day, for 100 years strait.

2. The “epi” Experience of the Holy Spirit

The baptism/filling/coming upon of the Holy Spirit always is a mark of revival. The difference between the indwelling of the Spirit and the coming upon experience is the supply of the Spirit beyond personal edification. The person filled with the Spirit has the supply for ministering to others in a powerful way. It has an "others" thrust and is often manifested in spiritual gifts like: word of wisdom, word of knowledge, healing, mercy, faith...

3. Deep Conviction of Sin

When revival happens people have a sense of their sinfulness. There is a deep conviction of sin. Sin stands out in technicolor.

4. An earnest desire for holiness in the life of the believer

Coupled with the deep conviction of sin is the ernest desire for holiness in the life of the believer. This is an inward longing for moral purity, and christlikeness.

5. A Desire to Participate in Evangelism

Evangelism is always inspired by the Holy Spirit in the midst of revival. Hearts burn with a desire to proclaim the gospel. We can look at any revival and see the average joe stirred with boldness to share the gospel.

6. The Conversion of Masses

The work of God's Spirit is not just limited to believers wanting to preach the gospel, but there is also a huge response. Many people are converted to Christ during a spiritual awakening.

7. Unity Amongst Churches

There is unity amongst churches when God send revival. Former enemies cross denomination lines because the Spirit is providing mercy and love for one another.

8. Spiritual Leaders for the Next Generation

It is rare to have a spiritual giant start a revival at will. Charles Finney was the only major Christian leader that advocated this idea. For the most part, revival produces a new wave of spiritual giants. Leaders, pastors, missionaries are all the effect of a revival, not the cause.

9. Social Reformation

Social reform must be mentioned. When revival broke out in America in 1792 it corrected social ills. When revival broke out in 1856 it had a dramatic impact on the issue of slavery. Society is changed by a revival in the church.