Lessons From Fallen Leaders


If there is one accepted fact among millennials it is this: leaders aren’t perfect. From politics to business to sports and the church, this fact is illustrated on a annual basis.

But I find it interesting how leaders are now handling their fall from grace. I don’t have a grand summarizing statement about the evolution of post-fall activity. But I do find some aspects of this interesting.

  • access to the internet platform that these leaders developed are not revoked when they resign
  • many people are willing to forgive and allow those leaders to have a voice in their life as long as they are humble

Over the past month Mark Driscoll has reemerged starting with a lengthy interview with Brian Houston. And now blogging at Both parts of the interview are worth watching.

The second leader who has been interesting to watch has been Tullian Tchividjian. On June 21st Christianity Today wrote about Tullian’s resignation from the pastorate. His resignation occurred after having admitted to an inappropriate relationship with a women. He recently gave an interview to the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast.

For myself personally, I appreciate both of these leaders and value their voice in the the public square. I am always concerned about the people who may have been wounded by these leaders failures, but I don’t believe that these leaders silence will be the antidote to the pain of the wounded . And I say that as one who has been wounded by bad leadership in the past.

I would love to hear your thoughts on either of these cases.

Link Fest 2-13-14

Theology and the Church: 
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  • Justin Bieber was seeking spiritual help after his run in with the law. Linked here...



Link-fest [12/18/13]


Here is a roundup of things I found interesting over the past week. Events/Holidays: 

  • Winter starts Saturday, December 21

Theology and the Church: 







9 Ways to Keep Up With Calvary Chapel News


There is no single news source for Calvary Chapel and it is easy to feel disconnected from the movement as a whole.  Here are nine ways I stay current with Calvary Chapel news. 1. Web Sites

2. Facebook

  • I have clicked the “fan” button on many Calvary Chapel pastor’s and church’s Facebook pages.
  • I also have “friended” a number of Calvary Chapel leaders and found them eager to connect.

3. Twitter

4. Podcasts

  • Apple has recently been giving more attention to their Podcasting App for the iPhone and iPad. You can search for Calvary Chapel Pastors and follow along with their weekly studies. I’m subscribed to Joe Focht, Damian Kyle, Brian Brodersen, and David Guzik

5. Calvary Chapel Magazine

  • The Magazine is published quarterly and does a professional job of summarizing Calvary Chapel events. The primary focus is on current outreach and missions trips done by Calvary Chapels. You can check out their web site here.

6. Subscribe to a Google Search

  • Do a google blog search for the phrase “Calvary Chapel”. At the bottom of the page you can either “Create an email alert for Calvary Chapel” or you can click on RSS and add the URL to your RSS reader of choice.

7. Subscribe to Blogs

  • Up until a month ago I was using Google Reader to subscribe to various Calvary Chapel blogs. But Google announced that they are killing off this app and so I moved over to Feedly.

8. Regional Conferences

  • Find your local Calvary Chapel ministry conferences and plan on attending. Now, good luck in trying to find info online about your regional conference. There is no centralized list of conferences with dates. But you can contact the leaders listed in your region to find out what is scheduled.

9. The List Serve and Email Loops

  • Based on what region you are in, there are different tools used to communicate privately among leaders. Typically these private messaging systems are only accessible to senior pastors, but you would want to ask your local leadership about what is available.

The Week's Happenings

I’m enjoying my Easter break this week. Here is a snap shot of what is on my radar.

Easter Break from School

  • Writing a research paper on Calvary Chapel’s history for my Church History class. Here are some of my sources.
  • Catching up on homework, speed reading,

#TheBible Series Concluded

New Books

2013 Major League Baseball opens this week and I’m rooting for my home team: the Philadelphia Phillies.