The Week's Happenings

I’m enjoying my Easter break this week. Here is a snap shot of what is on my radar.

Easter Break from School

  • Writing a research paper on Calvary Chapel’s history for my Church History class. Here are some of my sources.
  • Catching up on homework, speed reading,

#TheBible Series Concluded

New Books

2013 Major League Baseball opens this week and I’m rooting for my home team: the Philadelphia Phillies.

Your Disappointments Matter

In 2009 I read Ravi Zacharias’ book entitle The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through The Events In Our Lives. 

My favorite chapter is about how God works in the midst of our disappointments. In this chapter he gives a three fold response to life’s disappointments. 

  1. Keep your heart tender towards the Lord
  2. Strengthen your mind through faith
  3. Make the Cross the central element as you evaluate your circumstances

In his concluding remarks he says this. 

“Once you take these three steps—allow God to make your heart tender, strengthen your mind through faith, and make the cross the aortic valve of your life—the result follows. You see God’s pattern in you and become the instrument of consolation for those who hurt.”

I remembered these point afresh as I was talking with a young man who was facing some disappointments. Hope you are encouraged as well. 

The Week in Review

Sunday (September 18th)

Finished our our stay at the Lundblade house and celebrated Gina Adamason’s birthday. Gina is my sister in law and was born again earlier this year. I have the priviledge of baptising her and her husband Todd (my wife’s brother). 

Monday (September 19th)

Worked on Calvary Chapel University’s monthly newsletter and sent it out a 1,000 churches by the end of the day. Here is what we sent out:

Note: can you find something controversion in the first paragraph? If you can, you will understand my Tuesday. 

Tuesday (September 20th)

Arrived on the CCCM campus at 7:00 AM for my first New Testament Greek class… I’m taking the Greek class from so that I can know New Testament Greek better and so that I can test out of it if it is required for a Masters degree. 

As soon as I got out of the NT Greek class I checked my University email. I had received a question/complaint regarding the newsletter that had gone out the day before. The controversy swirled around the title of the School of Ministry course that is being offered through CCU. I spent a few minutes on the phone responding to the concern and then wrote the following blog post. Is CCU Going Emergent? 

All of that before lunch… And speaking of lunch, I sat at a table with Pastor Chuck Smith and some of the other Orange County Calvary Chapel pastors. For some wonderful reason, Pastor Brian Brodersen invited me to join this group for a short Bible study and meal. 

Wednesday (September 21st)

Started the day with one more hour of NT Greek class. Once I was back in the office I ran errands for the University with Bryan Henderson. 

In the early afternoon I had the priviledge of visiting with Dr. Chapin Marsh from Horizon College. Dr. Marsh is my predacessor. I’m attempting to fill his shoes now at the University. I was encouraged to learn that Horizon College is now a couple of months away from finalizing the accreditation through ABHE. Once this is complete, they will be the first Calvary Chapel college to gain national accreditaiton in the US. 

An hour after Dr. Marsh left I connected with Dan Toro for coffee. Dan and his wife Niki were missionaries in England for the last couple of years. I ran into him at CCCM for the first time and wanted to get to know him better. We had a great hour and a half of fellowship at Portola Coffee Lab. 

From there we headed to church and enjoyed a great series of testimonies and message by Pastor Brian Brodersen. Here is a link to that message. It was entitled “God’s Good Work For Those Who Love Him”.

Answers out of Hebrews

So a couple of days ago I journaled about a particular question that I had in my life. Here is what I said:

I feel like a man torn between two worlds. I want to be fruitful, but I have two different worlds pulling on me; suggesting how to bear fruit.

World #1: From my Junior year in High School through Bible College and many years after Bible College I was operating from the world of blind faith, simplicity... My heros were Joe Focht, Bob Hoekstra, Hudson Taylor, George Muller.

It seemed like strategy, planning, and a use of man's methods for success was missing from this world. These men and their mode of operation was child like faith in ministry.

World #2: For the last few years I have been around men who care more about strategy, plans, and methods. My openness to this came from the influence of Mark Driscoll and the A29 guys. Also, Bob Hallman has influenced me in this way.

These guys are men of faith, but their conversation includes this element of strategy, planning and methods.

Both groups have loads of fruit:

- They have influence large numbers of people

- Very often those people love Jesus more

I love World #1 because of its simplicity. When success happens they can point to Jesus as the only true source of that success.

I love World #2 because they are hard workers and believe that God can use plans, strategies and methods to accomplish the mission.

I want to be a simple man, loving Jesus like the men of World #1 But I'm wired to be a planner and strategist like the men of World #2.

The question that followed was "how do I balance these two worlds?". My wife and I were talking about this last night at dinner. We knew the answer was found in Jesus, but it was not until this morning that I felt like I saw it clearly.

The balance that I was looking for is perfectly displayed in Jesus as Priest and King. The qualities of a priest are similar to the things I was describing from World #1. And the qualities of a King are similar to what I was trying to describe in World #2. Jesus is the perfect balance, and the role of pries and king describes the tension perfectly.

Hebrews 6:20-7:1

Jesus, having become High Priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek. For this Melchizedek, king of Salem, priest of the Most High God,

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