My iPad Review

*Heavy*The first thing I noticed when I opened up the box and pulled out my iPad was the weight. I felt disappointed by how much it weighed. That feeling didn't last, but it was my initial reaction. I had been thinking of the iPad as a book replacement. I had held out on buying the Kindle because I wanted to see the Apple solution. So when I got the iPad in my hands and felt the weight of it I was a little concerned.

I think I have adjusted to the device and view it as solid rather than heavy. I won't really be able lay down and hold it in the air to read. But I appreciate the thought that it is solid aluminum and glass.

*Fast* Apple has outdone itself in the performance category. The response time is incredible. You pinch and it zooms in. But it isn't sluggish. It is almost too responsive. For example when the keyboard pops up I find myself delicately touching the screen lest I bump the wrong key. Just the slightest touch and it jumps to action.

The battery is another aspect of its incredible performance. After hours of use the batter is still just 50% full. And I played games on it, watch video, and pushed it to the max to see how it would perform. The batter is amazing.

*iPhone Apps Are Lame* This afternoon I went through the system and deleted all my iPhone apps. Not one of them is usable when it is double in size, and I have my iPhone in my pocket if I want to see something at that small size.

This means that I need to need to get all new apps for the device. I think this is good and bad because I have already tested out tones of apps on the iPhone. I know what I'm looking for in a portable device. But the down side is the higher priced iPad apps and the slim selection compared to the iPhone. I'm waiting of the Facebook app and the OmniFocus app. I'm afraid I might be waiting on some of those for a while.

*Screen Size* The size of the screen changes the whole iPhone app concept. The screen is huge and after working on it for a while I was shocked by how small the iPhone screen is. I was noticing how the size of the screen allows developers to eliminate pages in the navigation process. It used to be that you had to navigate to multiple pages to find what you were looking for. But now the first screen that opens in the app has what your looking for. If it doesn't a pop up window allows you to navigate rather than opening an entirely new page.

The screen size also displays the books well. I have not read on it for more than a couple of hours so I have not had any problem with the reading environment. But I could see how six or seven hours on the device could take a toll.

*Connectivity* The fact that it is wifi only means that I stopped taking it with me in my backpack. Until I get into the habit of preloading it with what I need, it won't be that useful in my car. The bluetooth capability really made the device useful. I wasn't really sold on it until I connected my wireless keyboard. Once I could type with my keyboard over the bluetooth connection it became an awesome tool.

The next piece in the connectivity picture would be the mifi from Sprint. I know I could have waited to get the 3G version of the iPad, but then the connection would be limited to the device and not be shared with the laptop or iPhone. I could also try and wait for some tethering solution for my iPhone, but who knows when that will happen. When I think I can fit the mifi into my budget I'm going for it.