Four Ideas for Foursquare

Foursquare is a mobile check-in app that allows the user to indicate their location by checking in. Users can earn points, badges and the title of “mayor” based on their frequency of check-ins and variety of locations that are visited. It also has a social component that allows you to see where your friends have checked in and what locations they recommend. This type of application is still on the tech horizon even though they have over 15 million users. There is a big upside for this type of business. 

Here are four new features I’d love to see: 

  1. Classify businesses based on the volume of checkins. This idea springboards off of  the “mayor” concept. If a business can have a “mayor”, why not classify the business as a village, town, city, or metropolis? This would incentives the participation of individual businesses and give a new metric to the users. 
  2. Provide more leadership positions than just the “mayor”. This would incentives more people to check-in and it gives a good metric to the business. If I were a business, I would want to know who my 10 most loyal patrons were verses just a single “mayor”. 
  3. Incentives the To-Do feature. Shouldn’t I get points for publishing a list of places that I’m interested in? And shouldn’t businesses be able to act on my To-Do list? 
  4. Let me give points to my friends. If points have value, then I should be able to use this value for more than just personal status on a list. This builds community and gives users a reason to come back to the app.