Your Disappointments Matter

In 2009 I read Ravi Zacharias’ book entitle The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through The Events In Our Lives. 

My favorite chapter is about how God works in the midst of our disappointments. In this chapter he gives a three fold response to life’s disappointments. 

  1. Keep your heart tender towards the Lord
  2. Strengthen your mind through faith
  3. Make the Cross the central element as you evaluate your circumstances

In his concluding remarks he says this. 

“Once you take these three steps—allow God to make your heart tender, strengthen your mind through faith, and make the cross the aortic valve of your life—the result follows. You see God’s pattern in you and become the instrument of consolation for those who hurt.”

I remembered these point afresh as I was talking with a young man who was facing some disappointments. Hope you are encouraged as well.