Old Testament Timeline


Don't you love a good Old Testament timeline? The ability to visualize biblical chronology is so important. I spent a part of my morning downloading Old Testament timelines in preparation for the Bible College class that I am teaching this Fall. I am in the process of developing the curriculum for this new class. My goal is to create a course that picks up in the Old Testament where a Life of David course might end. We are going to study Samuel, Kings and Chronicles as a harmony and we will be developing an Old Testament Timeline along the way. We will also take the Major and Minor prophets and fit them into the historical context. I think my Dad was my original inspiration for this course. He pitched the idea to me back in 1997 when he was teaching New Testament history and was weaving the Epistles of Paul into the historical context. He enjoyed teaching the course so much that he thought it would be a good idea to create an Old Testament version of the same thing. So seventeen years later, here I am, developing the class. It is going to be awesome... but a lot of work at the same time.

Old Testament Timeline

Find the Right Old Testament Timeline

Six or seven years ago I purchased a beautiful Old Testament Timeline from a Christian Bookstore. But the company that produced the timeline is now nowhere to be found online. So I started hunting around the internet for an equivalent. Doing a search for Old Testament Timelines with the word "pdf" is the key. I quickly found five tools that I could download and make use of. Here are the three timelines that I found most beneficial.

Old Testament Timeline For Sale

I did find some Old Testament Timelines for sale. These were typically large laminated timelines that you could put in a classroom. If I can get the Bible College to spend a little money, maybe I'll have one in my class this Fall. I was specifically attracted to this one. Rose Publishing also has a 10 foot Bible Timeline for sale here and an Old Testament Timeline poster here.

Old Testament Timelines for Kids

The more I looked through these timelines the more I realized that an Old Testament Timeline is perfect for teaching the Old Testament to kids. Obviously the Bible books are not in chronological order and a timeline is perfect for helping kids visualize what is going on with the Kings and the split kingdoms in Israel. The Grapevine timeline for sale above is intended for kids. Here is another one from Voyages. Some of the Rose Publishing timelines would be beneficial for kids as well.

Here is a slide show that provides a simple perspective on the biblical chronology of the Old Testament

Old Testament Timeline Videos

There are not many videos summarizing an Old Testament timeline, but here are two that you might find helpful.