Church Planting in Baltimore


We have some big news! This Fall we will be moving to Baltimore, Maryland with the goal of planting a church. This is something that God put in our hearts a few years ago as we considered church planting. It has been a growing desire for Melinda and I. While we are tremendously grateful for the opportunities that Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa has given us, we can’t shake the desire to get out on the front lines of ministry to start a new work.

Earlier this year our family spent some time in Baltimore scouting it out. We stayed in the downtown harbor area and drove through a few of the neighborhoods. It was a beautiful time to see the city. We came away from this time with a clear vision for ministry in the city.

Our plan is to move to the city in late November or early December. I will be looking for work in the city and we will begin to connect with people who are interested in the new church. Our kids will go back to being homeschooled for the remainder of the school year.

If you would like to receive updates you can sign up at These updates won’t just be about our family, we will also share information about the city, our church planting process, and other random info. It should be fun.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Pastor Brian have been tremendously supportive of this vision. And the church will be sending us out. It is impossible to be around Pastor Brian and not catch a bug for church planting and missions. (See the video below.)

We have been very blessed by our home church. It has been six years since we returned to Orange County after three and half years of ministry in Kauai. It has been a great season of ministry under Pastor Brian Brodersen. He supported the redevelopment of Calvary Chapel Univeristy and allowed that school to be incubated within Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for a year and a half. He entrusted me with the development of in 2012 and again with the team in 2014. He allowed me to preach on Saturday nights. He invited me to become the regular host on the radio program Pastor's Perspective. And more recently we launched the Things that Matters program. I am grateful for our season here at Costa Mesa, and appreciative of their support as we leave to plant this church.

Thanks for praying for our family and again, check out to start receiving regular updates.

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