What I’m Checking Out Online


Periscope 1.1

Today Periscope 1.1 was released. I have been using Periscope since it first launched a couple of months ago. It represents one significant aspect of new social media. This update includes an awesome map view of where people are “scoping” from in the world. It is interesting to see how few livefeeds are happening at any given time.

Sacca’s Recent Essay About Twitter

Chris Sacca is in a league of his own as a VC and has a tone of Twitter stock. This week he wrote a lengthy piece about his opinions on Twitter and what needs to be developed to keep it growing. I think it is highly likely that a number of his ideas will find their way into the app over the next year. Sacca is also on Periscope and is pretty generous with his time in answering Q&A.

The Nuzzel App

Nuzzel is a news aggregator that pulls the top stories from the people you follow on Twitter. It uses an algorithm to determine what is most popular and important. This is a great tool because it is easy to miss important links in the raw Twitter feed. Check it out here.

Follow Friday: Eric Geiger


Historically, Fridays have been dubbed #FollowFriday on Twitter. The hashtags #FF is used as a tool inside the tweet to indicate that you are looking at a Follow Friday message. The ideas is to recommend other people that you think others should consider following through their Twitter account. Based on that idea I thought I would begin to recommend people I follow on twitter and receive value from their tweets. Today I wanted to recommend a Christian leader named Eric Geiger. He is the brain power behind the book Simple Church and works with Ed Stetzer at LifeWay Christian Research. He has also been featured on Thom Rainer's podcast this past year.

Eric is a good source for church related news and ideas. For example he posted this two days ago:

As with any good twitter practitioner, Eric shares personal anecdotes that bring a smile to your face.

Eric is posting a couple of things a day on average, so you don't have to fear a firehose gush of tweets. He is down to earth and highly practical. If you haven't discovered Eric Geiger and his twitter feed check him out @RealEricGeiger.

The User Bubble

We hear about the “Tech Bubble” all the time. And we know from 2000 what it looks like when the bubble pops. But what about the “user bubble”? 

I believer we might be enjoying a “users bubble” on Facebook and Twitter. And that bubble might be in the process of popping. These platforms are feeling the pressure to monetize and the user experience, privacy or simplicity is sacrificed. 

We have all signed up for these free services where we connect with friends, read the news, and share stuff that we like. But these companies where racking up debt to their investors while they gave us a good experience. 

Those investors come back looking for a return on their money and all of a sudden the user experience is compromised. 

This is one of the reasons I took the leap and signed up for yesterday. I don’t think the sky is falling… yet. But I want to be on a platform that was started debt free and puts users first. We will see how it works out…