Summary of Responses to DOMA and Prop 8 Decisions


There is a cultural shift taking place as homosexuality finds broader acceptance within the United States. The recent decisions by the Supreme Court are only a small piece of that overall shift. There has been a steady march towards acceptance for decades. The first cultural event that I remember was Ellen's coming out on TV. But the shift started much earlier. There were a number of quality responses that I want to recommend.

Albert Mohler Talks about DOMA

[quote]Instead, the majority decided to send a clear signal that such a case will now be well received. It struck down DOMA by employing a logic that, as Scalia noted, cannot stop with the striking down of DOMA. It can only stop with the full legalization of same-sex marriage in all fifty states by judicial fiat.[/quote]

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Ed Stetzer on the Christian Response

[quote]For those Christians seeking to witness real cultural impact, our public conversation should not begin with opposition to homosexuality-- but with our witness for Christ in word and in deed. We need to show grace and friendship to those who struggle, while holding fast to what the Scriptures teach.[/quote]

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Joe Carter with 9 Things You Should Know

He makes a number of important technical points about the specific cases that were brought. Again, the most important decision had to do with DOMA. The SCOTUS decision paves the way for a homosexual couple to claim discrimination on the grounds that a state will not permit them to marry.

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Denny Burk on Religious Liberty

[quote]We have already seen that private business owners such as bakers and florists have been sued by their state governments for failing to provide their services for gay weddings. We’ve also seen Catholic Charities have to leave Massachusetts for refusing to provide adoptions for gay couples. In none of these has there been any legal accommodation for the deeply help religious beliefs of traditional marriage supporters. These cases are already cropping up across the country, and we can imagine countless other conflicts that may arise. What if a Christian university were to decide to limit its married student housing to heterosexual couples? Will there be any accommodation for this under the new regime?[/quote]

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Jesse Johnson on Prop 8 Craziness

[quote]We should be impressed at the legal finesse of such a maneuver. By constructing a trial on the definition of marriage, but banning anyone who had an interest in putting on a legitimate defense, the resulting case was obviously one-sided. Eventually the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a group that gathered funding for Prop 8 could defend it in court, which they did unsuccessfully.[/quote]

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