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Social Media Do List For Churches and Pastors

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share at the Calvary Chapel’s ReEngage conference about social media and church planting. I’ll link over to the video of the session as soon as it is available. Below are the long list of ideas that I gave for different social media sites.  Facebook Pages for Church

  • Create a Page not a Profile for your church and fill in all the details including location!
  • Give a Christian perspective to events taking place in your community via link and brief commentary
  • Ask for prayer requests
  • Event pictures (be considerate of posting pictures of kids)
  • Create Events for anything that is outside of the normal weekly schedule
  • Tease the sermon for the week
  • Announce any new pages added to your church’s web site
  • Link to other leader’s content that you trust: books, sermons, schools, seminars, blogs, software, apps
  • Ask for sermon illustrations
  • Create a weekly ebulletin and share it on Facebook
  • Thank your staff and volunteers by name
  • Link to practical ways for people to do what was contained in your sermon application on Sunday
  • Print you FB URL in church bulletin and other print info
  • Link to your FB page from your web site.
  • Look for writers and photographers that are interested in contributing.
  • Collaborate and post to multiple social media accounts through HootSuit

Twitter Account for the Church

  • Create a clean profile that points people to the church web site
  • Link to announcements on your web site
  • Remind people of upcoming events
  • Post a reminder of the application point from your sermon
  • Link to resources that amplify your Sermon
  • Link to anything you mentioned in your Sunday sermon
  • Link to other leaders content that you trust: books, sermons, schools, seminars, blogs, software, apps
  • Create a Twitter schedule through HootSuite and stick to it. People will appreciate the routine
  • Retweet your congregations tweets
  • Retweet news or alerts from your local community.
  • Create a Sunday sermon hashtag #hashtag
  • Create an outreach opportunity hashtag
  • Create a prayer request hashtag
  • Link to media on other social sites: youtube, instagram, Quora
  • Follow and listen to the other people in your church on twitter
  • Use Twitter Advanced search to find out what people in your geographic area are saying about Jesus, Bible, God, Heaven, Sin, Hell, 
  • Create lists so that you can drill down and see specific info from specific groups of people
  • Print your Twitter URL in materials
  • Look for opportunities to comment and post in real time based on significant events.


  • Create a Channel that only contain church content
  • Provide 3-7 min clips from the sermon
  • Provide videos from the church office
  • Announce upcoming events
  • Record a Google+ On Air Hangout with some of the ministry leaders
  • Do a “man on the street” in your community to help people understand the city where they live
  • Record some of your church’s ministry training and put it online


Social Media Keynote Slides

Social Media Keynote Slides

How to Put a Church on Facebook

I have two primary roles at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa: content curation for and social media strategies. 

On the Social Media side of things I’m constantly running into Calvary Chapels that want to have their church on Facebook, but are creating a profile rather than a page. This is a violation of Facebook policy, and a self-defeating use of the platform. Click here to read Facebook’s policy about profiles. 

A personal profile is intended for individuals. A public page is intended for an organization. If you want to create a page for your church you can click here. If you need some good examples of public Facebook pages check out these two.  

I’ve been invited to give a workshop on Social Media at the Senior Pastor’s Conference this Summer. I’m excited to help as many Calvary Chapels as possible use these tools to extend the ministry.