Jeff Pfeiffer Has A New Body


Last night at church Pastor Brian Brodersen shared about Jeff's health condition. He was not expected to survive the night. This morning I awoke to Dave Rolph's Facebook announcement about Jeff's passing. OTD was 11:30 PM, June 19. Now he has a new body. Isn't that the lead story? How can we not be excited for him? 20130620-071828.jpg

For those of you who did not have the privilege of meeting Jeff allow me to give you a brief description. He was born with cerebral palsy. He was completely dependent on others for normal tasks like eating and cleaning himself. He could barely talk. His trademark fur coat was his most distinguishing aspect. He had a motorized wheelchair  that took him all over town. He participated in Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa activities on a daily basis. His story can be found in a book that was printed by Calvary Chapel.

I last saw Jeff on Sunday night backstage at the crusade. At that time I was struck by the love Calvary has for Jeff. The fact that he was allowed backstage spoke volumes. He was deeply loved by the pastoral staff, the kids at MCA and anyone who has been around Calvary for the past 30 years.

Jeff is a perfect picture of faithfulness. He consistently was at Calvary Chapel year after year. He could have been elsewhere. He could have wasted his life waiting for death. But he faithfully came back to the church.

And now he has graduated to heaven. Thanks for the inspiration Jeff!