God's Voice


Psalm 29 "The Voice of the Lord" I have not meditated on this passage since I was in Bible College. I remember that the last time I loved this passage was when I so desperately wanted to marry Melinda, but she had not heard God's voice, leading her in this direction. We were stuck. I thought God had spoken to me; saying that she was going to be my wife. We had a close friendship and some romantic feelings towards one another. But she did not feel like God had given her a green light. God had not yet spoken to her about marrying me.

And so I was stuck; crying out to God that he would speak.

Eight years later we are married with three kids. God did speak. In the perfect time he spoke directly into Melinda's life showing her His will. It was powerful. It was clear. It was just like the Psalmist says "God's voice is powerful."

And so here I am again, reading through Psalm 29, looking at the analogies to God's voice.

He says that God's voice breaks the cedars of Lebenon. To the Hebrew mind, the cedars were an excellent picture of strength. To our modern mind it would be the equivalent to steal or cement. The cedar trees were so strong that they were imported from Lebenon to be used in the construction of the Temple and the palace.

And yet God's voice was strong enough to break a cedar tree. It reminds me of the Karate demonstrations I have seen in the past. Men chop through cement blocks with their hands. They pound a nail through wood with their fist. It is a display of human strength.

But God says, look at my strength. I can break a cedar tree with my voice. I have never seen a Karate demonstration where a guy broke the block with his voice. But God can do it. God can split a tree with his voice. But how useful is that. How useful is a cedar split in two?

The focus of the passage is not on broken cedar trees. No, the focus is on the ability of God's voice. We may not need split cedars, but we do need God's power.

I'm thinking of my kids character (or lack there of). I need God's powerful voice to effect change in their hearts. I'm thinking of the Fall Bible College semester and the incredible neediness of the school. We need God's voice to effect students lives and provide solutions for our lack. I'm thinking of the island of Kauai and the people walking down here by the beach. We need God's powerful voice to work in an awesome way across the island.

In closing I am reminded of Jesus voice. He was able to "say the word" and powerful things took place. He healed people, calmed the storm, cast out demons just with His voice. He is the God who speaks. He has amazing power in just his voice.

Lord, speak into the world around me. I want to witness the powerful effects of your voice.