Prayer Request from Clay Worrell in Ireland

I got an update from my Pastor friend Clay in Ireland. Please keep these guys in prayer. “The last few months we have seen God do some absolutely amazing things in Calvary Waterford, we were getting settled in to our building on the Quay and really making progress in the building projects.  The church has grown substantially in this short amount of time, I don’t think there has been a week without multiple visitors or new people since we have been meeting in our new facilities.  We are really encouraged and are anticipating great things for this next year.  God is truly awesome.

However, with growth comes growing pains and when God is doing awesome things there is always opposition.  This tuesday I had an appointment with the Fire Marshal to go through the building and asses our fire safety.  I knew there would be a list of things we would need to work on at the end of this meeting, but I expected him to give us a time frame to make the appropriate changes.  Things definitely did not go how I had expected, it turns out the building will need a lot more work than I ever could have thought in order for it to be safe for general assembly use.  The fire marshal banned us from meeting in our building active immediately until we get make the necessary changes and get a fire safety certificate.  This process will surely be timely and costly.  

So, for the time being, we will be meeting in the conference rooms of Treacy’s Hotel, the hotel owned by our landlord, which happens to be right down the street from our building.  Ironically enough this is the very same hotel that we started Sunday Services in almost 4 years ago.  We thank God for the provision of the hotel and we rejoice in the fact that the church is not the building that we meet in, the church is the people of God gathering together, no matter where it is.  So we are not crushed by this, we are not even discouraged, we are looking forward to seeing God work in and through this for His glory.  

But we do ask you to pray, please pray for provision and for a quick resolution.  We do want to be back in our building as soon as we can, this process could take a few weeks or it could take several months.  We don’t know yet what cost we will be responsible for in this yet, we should find out in the next week or so.  

Thank you for your prayers and support, I will keep you posted as things progress.”

You can view the church web site here.