Prayer Request from Clay Worrell in Ireland

I got an update from my Pastor friend Clay in Ireland. Please keep these guys in prayer. “The last few months we have seen God do some absolutely amazing things in Calvary Waterford, we were getting settled in to our building on the Quay and really making progress in the building projects.  The church has grown substantially in this short amount of time, I don’t think there has been a week without multiple visitors or new people since we have been meeting in our new facilities.  We are really encouraged and are anticipating great things for this next year.  God is truly awesome.

However, with growth comes growing pains and when God is doing awesome things there is always opposition.  This tuesday I had an appointment with the Fire Marshal to go through the building and asses our fire safety.  I knew there would be a list of things we would need to work on at the end of this meeting, but I expected him to give us a time frame to make the appropriate changes.  Things definitely did not go how I had expected, it turns out the building will need a lot more work than I ever could have thought in order for it to be safe for general assembly use.  The fire marshal banned us from meeting in our building active immediately until we get make the necessary changes and get a fire safety certificate.  This process will surely be timely and costly.  

So, for the time being, we will be meeting in the conference rooms of Treacy’s Hotel, the hotel owned by our landlord, which happens to be right down the street from our building.  Ironically enough this is the very same hotel that we started Sunday Services in almost 4 years ago.  We thank God for the provision of the hotel and we rejoice in the fact that the church is not the building that we meet in, the church is the people of God gathering together, no matter where it is.  So we are not crushed by this, we are not even discouraged, we are looking forward to seeing God work in and through this for His glory.  

But we do ask you to pray, please pray for provision and for a quick resolution.  We do want to be back in our building as soon as we can, this process could take a few weeks or it could take several months.  We don’t know yet what cost we will be responsible for in this yet, we should find out in the next week or so.  

Thank you for your prayers and support, I will keep you posted as things progress.”

You can view the church web site here. 

Meet the Kliebe Family

One of the friends we love receiving missions updates from is the Kliebe family in Kenya, Africa. Jacob and his wife Noelle have been in Kenya for the last few years teaching at a Bible College and working with national pastors. They faithfully send out missions updates each month. The most recent one has been included below.

We want to encourage you to check out their blog and pray for their ministry.

Hello from Kenya!

If sending support, please write, “Africa Bible College Director” on the memo line of the check
We hope you are enjoying your summer as we enjoy our winter! This month we want to invite you to join us in prayer each day of the week:
Pray for Shelton on Sundays
Since March Jacob has been helping a little boy named Shelton get money for his cancer treatment. He had a huge tumor in his face that was operated on, and has been treated with radiation. Last week he started his chemo treatments and we are
praying for a miracle. The doctor put him at stage 4 cancer before starting the chemo. The cancer spread into his lung, and so we are asking you to join us in praying for this sweet little boy. Also, pray that God would strengthen his family.
Pray for the Outreach on Mondays
In August, we have a team coming from our home church. We are so excited to see them! Please pray that God would fill them with the Spirit as they prepare to come. Pray that the outreach and seminars they have planned would reach many Kenyans. Please pray that the details of their finances, flights, travel, and accommodations would go smoothly, and that the team would be blessed by their time here.
Pray for Jacob on Tuesdays
This month Jacob is teaching the book of Hebrews for the first time. Please pray that he would be able to focus as he studies and that God would give him divine insight into the more difficult passages. He is also teaching through the book of John on Sundays, so please pray that God would apply His Word to the hearts of His people.
Pray for Gitu on Wednesdays
Gitu is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Rongai, and His son Joseph suddenly got sick and died last week, so please pray for him and his family to be comforted in this loss. Pray especially for his fiance Sophie.
Pray for Noelle on Thursdays
Noelle has been struggling with discouragement lately. Please pray that the Lord would be her source of strength and encouragement and that she would keep her eyes on the Lord.
Pray for Grace on Fridays
Grace turns one on July 2! Please pray that she would grow into a woman who fears the Lord and walks in His ways. Praise God that she is listening to us often, but continue to pray that she would grow in obedience to her parents. Pray for us to have divine wisdom as we seek to raise her in the ways of the Lord. Pray that we would be good examples to her.
Pray for Kenya on Saturdays
Kenya is preparing to vote on a new constitution in August. Please pray for violence free voting and honesty of politicians.
Praise God For:
Good progress with Kevin & Njambi in their premarital counseling-the wedding is in August!
Fun times skyping with family and friends.
Pastors being blessed by the book of Philippians!
Grace turning one!
Grace getting easier to manage at church.
Noelle’s continued health.
Please Pray For:
A better place for the church to meet.
Four year old Shelton to be healed of the cancer in his face.
Provision for the team coming in August.
Jacob to have insight and application as he studies Hebrews and John.
God to apply His Word to the hearts of the Kenyans.
Us to prioritize personal time with Jesus, and to grow in our dependence on Him.
Noelle to be encouraged in the Lord.

To see their latest pictures go to: picasaweb.google.com/jacob.kliebe

Contact PO Box 365, Ongata Rongai 00511, KENYA | Phone (from US): 011-254-737-152-549
Support CMI 6550 SE Alexander Street Hillsboro, OR 97123 c/o The Kliebe’s

Support the Henderson Family in Australia

My wife and I met Bryan in 2000 at Calvary Chapel Bible College. At that time he was a part of a team getting ready to go out to Australia to plant a church in Newcastle. Bryan was incredibly gifted at building relationships, doing evangelism, and teaching the Bible. Eight years later he is married with two kids and planting a church of his own.

Josh recorded a 10 minute update with Bryan this last week. We wanted people to hear what they are doing so that they can pray, contribute and support this new work. You can have a listen here

Bryan Henderson Interview

You can also see the new church's Facebook page by clicking here.

Their personal Facebook page is here.

If you would like to contribute to them financially you can send a check to "Calvary Chapel Hot Springs", 39407 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd, Murrieta, CA 92563. Make sure to indicate in the memo that the gift is intended the "for the Henderson family".

Thanks for checking out their ministry!