The Kim Davis Situation May Not Be Persecution…

Are your views on the Kim Davis situation a slam dunk? I’ve been following the County Clerk situation in Kentucky for the past couple of weeks. Once she was sent to jail yesterday there was an outcry from Christians. Many on Facebook were suggesting that this is a preeminent example of Christian persecution. On the surface that is how it appears. A Christian has a particular conviction. She is sent to jail for being faithful to that conviction.

But starting yesterday afternoon an alternative view has been emerging. It now appears that support of Kim Davis’ position may be self-defeating.

This is an emotional situation because of the recent defeats that Christians have experienced within US culture. But it is vital that we do not respond emotionally at the expense of logic.

There are some particular principles at stake as Christians opine on this situation.

  1. We don’t want to respond on a superficial level without understanding the particulars of the case.
  2. We ought to make sure our opinion is logically consistent across the board.
  3. We must make sure our opinion is rooted in a biblical understanding of government, conscience, and work.

I haven’t come to a conclusion yet, but I am concerned about a Christian misstep in the public square. Here are some articles that shine more light on the matter.

I’m seeing really good arguments for and against Kim Davis actions which means that this is not a slam dunk issue. And if it isn’t a slam dunk issue we should use less emotion and more humility to share our opinion. Remember, the world is looking on.

Finally, the Christian worldview lost on June 29th when SCOTUS ruled in favor of SSM. The ramifications of that decision are now playing out in real life situations. Those ramifications are going to be incredibly painful for Christians. The next generation of American Christians will live in a world pos-SCOTUS ruling. The faster we can embrace this new reality the better we will do at strategically plotting the way forward.