Your Own Buzz Words

I have a couple of posts that I’m working on about Christian buzz words. They are a part of a series I want to do entitled The Christian Leaders Glossary for the 21st Century. Some of the words on my list include Missional, Community, Culture, Idols, and Tribe. I don’t know if this series will ever see the light of day, but it has gotten me thinking about the concept of buzz words quiet a bit. 

Here is what came to mind tonight…

I was reading Alan Redpath’s The Royal Rout to Heaven.  In chapter two he spends some time talking about “salvation”. He says that the word “salvation” is so common that “It is like a well worn coin that has been turned over and over again in your hand.” In other words… it is a buzz word. 

Redpath wrote this chapter over fifty years ago. And when he described the word “Salvation” as a buzz word I paused. It does not seem like “Salvation” is a word that is overly used… not nearly as much as the word “gospel” or “community”.

I’m not saying this is good or bad. I’m just relating my thought process. Salvation did not stand out as a current buzz word in my mind.

My next thought was this; “What does the word ‘salvation’ mean to me?”

And with that question I recalled a time when that was a Holy Spirit inspired buzz word in my life. It was a key word when I was facing a dark season of the soul. Every time I read the word in the Psalms or New Testament I clung to it’s meaning for my life. 

Church buzz words are powerful because they have taken on a life of their own and signify a whole family of truths that are related to an ecosystem of current concepts. We use these buzz words to state a wealth of truth in one word. They are a priceless tool in our communication and these words have a special meaning for our church sub-culture. 

But I think God wants to give us our own specific buzz words in our personal walk with him. Maybe He is saying “wait” or maybe He is saying “run”. In the same way that buzz words are powerful tools for communicating with one anther, the Holy Spirit can highlight specific words for special season in our lives. We might call this a spiritual theme. 

As much as buzz words are helpful, they can also become cliched. They are over used and mean so much that they don’t mean anything at all. 

But in our walk with God, the Holy Spirit impresses His word on our hearts and it does not matter if the word means anything to anybody else. It means everything to me and it is one of the ways that he imparts strength. 

This is what the word “salvation” meant to me during that dark season. I was reminded over and over again that God saves. God provides salvation. Jesus finished the work of salvation. He can save me when I’m in trouble. It was my buzz word for that season and it was God’s gift to me when I wanted to give up. 

What buzz word has God given you?