The User Bubble

We hear about the “Tech Bubble” all the time. And we know from 2000 what it looks like when the bubble pops. But what about the “user bubble”? 

I believer we might be enjoying a “users bubble” on Facebook and Twitter. And that bubble might be in the process of popping. These platforms are feeling the pressure to monetize and the user experience, privacy or simplicity is sacrificed. 

We have all signed up for these free services where we connect with friends, read the news, and share stuff that we like. But these companies where racking up debt to their investors while they gave us a good experience. 

Those investors come back looking for a return on their money and all of a sudden the user experience is compromised. 

This is one of the reasons I took the leap and signed up for app.net yesterday. I don’t think the sky is falling… yet. But I want to be on a platform that was started debt free and puts users first. We will see how it works out…