Follow Friday: Eric Geiger


Historically, Fridays have been dubbed #FollowFriday on Twitter. The hashtags #FF is used as a tool inside the tweet to indicate that you are looking at a Follow Friday message. The ideas is to recommend other people that you think others should consider following through their Twitter account. Based on that idea I thought I would begin to recommend people I follow on twitter and receive value from their tweets. Today I wanted to recommend a Christian leader named Eric Geiger. He is the brain power behind the book Simple Church and works with Ed Stetzer at LifeWay Christian Research. He has also been featured on Thom Rainer's podcast this past year.

Eric is a good source for church related news and ideas. For example he posted this two days ago:

As with any good twitter practitioner, Eric shares personal anecdotes that bring a smile to your face.

Eric is posting a couple of things a day on average, so you don't have to fear a firehose gush of tweets. He is down to earth and highly practical. If you haven't discovered Eric Geiger and his twitter feed check him out @RealEricGeiger.