Setting Up Life in Baltimore


We got into Baltimore on November 27th at 1:50 Pm. I can remember the exact time because we were supposed to me the crew unloading the truck at 2 Pm. It felt good to get into the city a few minutes early. My greatest fear about our move was double parking on the street. I couldn't remember how wide our street was and I didn't know how Baltimore peeps would respond to a big moving truck hogging up the road. Well my anxiety was unfounded. Once I was double parked there was plenty of room for people to drive around the truck.

Five men showed up to help us unload. Two of the five men were chiropractors. One of them brought a chiropractic table with them for post moving adjustments. These guys worked so hard to get the truck unloaded including gently removing my front door so that the couch could make it inside. We were done at 3:00 PM. The catholic church across the street started ringing to mark the time and I felt like it was in celebration of completing one of the biggest things I dreaded.

We spent the next ten days unpacking and setting up the house. Between my wife and I we made at least five trips to the Baltimore IKEA. Melinda was at Target almost everyday. Bit by bit our house started to come together. Some of our early observations of living in a row house were:

  • When the kids are on the third floor and we are on the first floor there is almost a complete separation of sound.
  • Stairs are something that we would have to adjust to.
  • Sliding in your socks on an old wood floor can result in splinters.
  • The kitchen is freezing because it doesn't have any heating vents in it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an old desk in the far corner of the basement. This was something I had hoped for but had not verbalized. I was envisioning a small dungeon like office and with enough creativity I was able to create such a workspace. There was an old rusty faucet hanging over the back of the desk and a small half wind looking out to the street. During the day I can see the tops of dogs bodies and the bottom half of people walking by the window.

Basement Office
Basement Office

Once we were settled we started to explore the surrounding streets. The temperatures are cold so people are moving with purpose up or down the street. A couple blocks away there is a quaint kosher cafe called Van Gough Cafe. Mindy is the owner and her daughter helps her at the counter. Their bagels are amazing.

Van Gough Cafe
Van Gough Cafe

To our east by a couple of blocks is Patterson Park. This park has historical significance from the Civil War. It was the location of a hospital and camp for the North. Today it has a playground, lake, Ice Staking Rink, Sports fields and paths. The locals have given it mixed reviews. It is a good location for walking your dog or getting some exercise. But it has some legendary stories of crime and villains. I guess you have to pick which theme you want to dwell on as you venture across it.

South of us by a few blocks is the Patapsco River and surrounding harbor. Southwest takes you into Fells Point with its cobblestone streets and endless assortment of bars. And to the Southeast you get into Canton. This is where the local grocery stores and Target are.

We have spent a good deal of time setting the kids up for school. They are going to be homeschooled for the remainder of the year. This means that we have to find activities and classes for them to participate in. Hudson decided to take Karate. Hanalei is enrolled in Gymnastics. And Hayden is a homebody who is content to play Legos and read at home.

In my next post I'll try and give a summary of some of our early church planting plans. We are excited about the next couple of months and look forward to sharing those things with you.