Real Christians Pull The Trigger


Pull the trigger. Ship the product. Execute. Finish the race. We are all familiar with these sayings. And the idea is communicated by James within the first chapter of his letter. This isn’t just activity for activities sake. James it talking about actions that are issued as a response to the text. "I read this here and so I’m going to do this now." Earlier this month I had the opportunity preach at CCCM from the book of James. Here is the sermon in its entirety.

I want to be a better doer of the Word

  1. Read with understanding
    1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal truth every time you open the Bible
    2. Make regular use of basic commentaries and study helps
    3. Sit under good Bible teaching through your church
  2. Make application to your own life
    1. Identify the principles in the text (sometimes they teach us about God and other times they teach us about ourselves)
    2. Talk to God about that principle (prayer)
    3. Evaluate your life based on that principle
  3. Plan to do the Follow Up Action
    1. Start with a personal pronoun “I”
    2. Identify the verb “Relate the action to time “today”, “this week”

Note: This is why journaling or writing things down can be helpful. To do this whole process in your brain and then remember it is nearly impossible.

Josh Teaching James 1