Raptured from Kauai... Born Again in Orange County

That is what it feels like. Everything happened so fast and the feeling of being on the ground in California is incredible. It was a whirlwind of activity. It was a lot of work transferring Kauai Bible College over to Steve Thompson and Chris King. Packing up and cleaning our beautiful home in Kauai was exhausting. But once we were in the air we felt like we were being snatched out of our environment... almost like the rapture.

And now that we are on the ground here in California we feel rejuvenated and excited to see what happens next. We are blessed to have so many preexisting connections in Southern California. We have even made new friends over the last few years through Facebook and Twitter. It is a joy to connect with these people. I guess we did not realize how isolated Kauai was while we lived there.

Now we are surrounded by people. We are really blessed to walk through this new season.