Prayer Retreat, Bishop California


This past weekend I had the privilege of joining seven men up in the mountains above Bishop, California. We had a great time fishing, shooting guns, and hiking through the mountains. In the evening we talked through ministry and life. It was a great time! During the three days I was on this trip I was meditating upon Matthew 6 where it talks about "take no thought" (Matt 6:25, 27–28, 31, 34). One of the stark contrasts that is given in that passage is that of earthly treasure verses heavenly treasure. Jesus points out how earthly treasure can be stollen, lost, or corrupted. He encourages the disciples to seek treasure in heaven because it is secure there.

There were two amazing scenes that I encountered while I meditated on this theme. The first scenes was the Aspen forest that was just turning yellow because of the dropping temperatures. I probably spent a dozen hours walking through these trees while I fished the stream. It was amazing. The second scene was the abandoned mines from 1930. Here are some of the pictures I captured.

Aspens and Stream


Yellow Aspen

Aspendale Valley

Fly Fishing South Lake

These are are the pictures of the mining operation in the same valley. From what I could tell these mines were in full swing during the 1930s.

Aspendale, Mine

Mine Shaft

Old Mine Machine

Mine Built in 1933