Periscope, Meerkat, and The Church


This morning Twitter introduced their livestreaming app called Periscope. This is Twitter's response to the run away success of an app called Meerkat that launched about a month ago.

Both of these apps run on your iPhone and allow you to immediately start streaming video and audio from you phone.

Meerkat was well accepted and even got some usage by Jimmy Fallon this past week.

I have tried out both apps and have some initial thoughts.

1. This Has The Potential to Be Huge

Everyone of these new technologies are a platform for communication and relationships. People using them is what makes them valuable. To be more precise, my friends using them is what makes them valuable. Right now it looks like people are really interested in this type of platform.

2. Use Cases for the Church

Obviously, any church can stream their worship service over this platform. That is a no brainer. You should do it this weekend like my friend Mike Neglia did last week. 

But beyond that, it is a great leadership tool. It gives church leaders an opportunity to communicate with their local congregation and with a global audience.

I think it also is a great tool for missionaries to give live updates from the field. It is another platform for connecting your local church with the missionaries that they support.

I would love to hear how you are using it for ministry or business. Leave a comment below.