My Review of S-Town (Spoiler Alert)

It was one of the dumbest podcasts I've listened to...

Sorry, but the glory of Serial Season One did not cary over to this project. I was a big fan of the work Sarah Koenig did on Serial and had high hopes for this project, but it falls flat on its face. The production quality is good, but I don't have much else positive to say.

  • There is no plot line.
  • It is an excursion into moral debauchery the further you go.
  • It reminds me of a slow - very slow - moving train wreck

Other then the last ten minutes of chapter two there is very little surprise, intrigue or twist. You'll be disappointed if you are holding out for one. 

If you are board enough to listen to the seven hours of this audio experience you would be better served listening to an average person's story on the street. 

You can find the S-Town podcast here