My Grandparent's Faith

[Deviating slightly from my theme "What my parents did right" to add a post about my Grandparents] Yesterday I shared about my parents faith. Today I want to write briefly about my Grandparents.

My Grandpa was a pastor for more than 50 years. He planted churches in Hawaii, South Carolina, and California. (At least that is what he did after I was born.)

Both of my Grandparents were fully invested in ministry. It is was the core of the conversations I heard. My Grandpa was a man of vision and ideas. He was a strategist wanting to grow his church and reach the lost.

When I was thirteen I took a vacation to stay with my Grandpa and Grandma in Hawaii. Upon arrival my Grandpa made a deal with me. He told my sister and I that he would pay us each $100 if we would memorize 100 verses. We had three weeks to meet the challenge.

Every morning he would sit with me in his garage, helping me right down verses on 3x5 cards. He had an old card table where I would sit for at least an hour each morning reviewing the verses. He pushed me and encouraged me along the way. I was miserable for the first half of the vacation. It was the last thing I wanted to spend my vacation doing.

But after two weeks my heart cracked open and something changed. The words of the verses penetrated my heart and my relationship with God exploded. I journaled about this change. I noted how my heart changed from hating church people to loving the church. It was a night and day experience. I was the first notable work of the Holy Spirit in my life.

I memorized the 100th verse on the way to the airport. My Grandpa wrote me a check and I was $100 richer. I don't know what happened to the money. Maybe I spent it on baseball cards. But the verses stuck with me. Moment by moment the verses haunted my life ....and I loved it. It was the comfort of the scriptures.

This small three week push from my Grandpa lead to a radical change and my launch into ministry.

My Grandma is amazing also. She has faithfully prayed for me since I was born. Knowing that she is praying for me has been a comfort for many years. Who knows what invisible impact my Grandma's prayers have had.

Anyone who knows my Grandma knows how lively and vibrant she is. I don't think she has aged over the last twenty years. She is great cook and was a wonderful host every time our family came to visit.

Most recently my Grandparents supported our family as missionaries as we planted Kauai Bible College. They faithfully supported us over the three and a half years that we were in Kauai.

It has been a wonderful blessing to have the support and encouragement of my Grandparents.