Lessons from Soccer

We just finished up Hudson (age 6) soccer season. Halfway through the year I took over as coach because his real coach had some physical problems. Unfortunately we did not win a game this year. I think we scored three goals total. Our team was younger than most other teams. But it was a good opportunity for the team to learn to have fun and be good sports. Coaching was a very interesting opportunity to learn life lessons.

The main thing we learned this last game  was that fewer players is better than more. For some reason the other team wanted to add one additional player to the field. This meant that we had to match them. We had two more people on the field than our team was use to. It was a mess. Kids were running over each other and all bunched up. Instead of having more fun we had a field glutted with players.

It reminded me that sometime less is better. I almost wish I would have had our extra man stand in a corner a do nothing. It would have been one less kid getting in the way.

This lesson carries over to management and leadership. Sometimes the more people you have on the "field" the more problems you create. If the team you're leading is not used to more people on the field it can be a hard adjustment. Also, if the field is small, it might not work for a big team. Your "players" need space to operate.

Anyway, it was a fun year and Hudson improved. Hopefully next year we will be able to be better organized. Who knows, I might even decide to be a coach.