Japan Nuclear Update

Here is the update I received from our missionary friends in Japan:

I am not an expert on nuclear issues; I'm just reporting what I am hearing from the Japanese media which is a little more objective than the U.S. media. Water is currently being air dropped on reactor #3. There are spent fuel rods in a pool there that are exposed but are NOT melting down. They need to submerge them to keep them from melting down. They are also preparing fire trucks to spray water inside the reactor. We are not currently planning on going anywhere. We are praying and waiting to see how things play out. We know that God is in control and are trusting in HIM. Right now a lot of people are fearing a possible meltdown. It may happen, but it may not. Right now only the LORD knows what the future holds and it is He that holds the future. I can say confidently to our family and friends in Hawaii and California that I believe you are not in any kind of danger of nuclear fallout. The distance from Japan to Hawaii is nearly 4000 miles and the distance from Japan to California is over 5000 miles. I think that the enemy is using fear in many people’s lives (including my own) to keep them from praying for what is really important. So pray for people’s salvation first and foremost. The greatest reality that we need to remember is that many of the people that have died in this tragedy are now suffering a worse fate than any natural disaster could ever yield. Pray that we would be bold to share our faith and pray that the LORD would take away the blindness that the enemy has used to keep unbelievers in the dark concerning the truth of the Gospel. Thank you all again for your love and support. We will try and keep you updated as much as possible as we get information here. -- Aloha in Jesus, Peter Scott 080-4404-2818 scotts4jesus@gmail.com 876-2 Kita Akitsu Tokorozawa Coporasu C-202 Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan 359-0038