Help Me Develop A Bibliography

I’m taking a class at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary called Foundations of Ministry. The goal of the class is to prepare the student for future ministry realities. So far we have covered topics like stress, burnout, conflict management, and boundaries. 

It has been an interesting class and it has caused me to think through the concept of pastoral care and pastoral preparation. There are different approaches to this subject depending on what school you attend or what denomination you are a part of. At the same time there is a shared goal: to see pastor’s thrive in their calling while avoiding temptation and other pitfalls. 

So here is my question: “What books would you recomend for this genre of training?” 

Remember, this is an introductory course and is intended to prepare the student for real ministry. The topics typically covered include: 

  • Understanding calling
  • The spiritual life of the pastor
  • Understanding the role of the pastor
  • Understanding stress in the ministry
  • Understanding family life and ministry
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership

What books would you recommend for a course like this? 

[Update: I’ll create a new post in the next couple of days listing the feedback that I receive.]