Family Camp: Twin Peaks, CA


Ah, the smell of mountain air. The birds are chirping and the weather is perfect. We have been at a Family Camp since Monday night. It has been a awesome getaway for our family at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center in Twin Peaks, California. There are about 150 people attending. I would estimate that there are close to 40 family with us. The theme this week has been based on the Tabernacle. I was blessed to teach the main session on Tuesday morning.

One of the biggest blessings has been the children's program that runs all morning and for an hour and a half in the evening. The kids are having a blast. The kids are going through a similar curriculum as the adults.

The Boy's Baptized

On Friday afternoon I had the privilege of baptizing my boys. We have been talking about baptism with them for a while and this was a great opportunity for them to take this step in the midst of the friends. Hayden went first and Hudson decided he wanted to get baptized after he saw his brother do it.


Twin Peaks Tree