Book Review: Ahead of the Curve

I'm almost done reading through Daniel Fusco's Ahead of the Curve. I downloaded it to my iPad last week and finally got a chance to read it this afternoon. The book is approximately 100 pages long and published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises. The subtitle reads; Preparing the Church for Post-Postmodernism. I was particularly interested in reading it because I have followed Daniel Fusco's ministry for the past few years. I know he is a genuine lover of people and has given his life to preaching the gospel in challenging areas. The book was also recommended by Brian Brodersen a couple of weeks ago. Brian said "He has a way of saying things that are so perfect; things I was thinking, but couldn't put into words as well as Daniel does."

So here is what I thought. It is excellent.

First, it does not beat around the bush to make a point. It is direct and to the point. He gives a scholarly context to the points he is trying to make, but does not wast my time with obtuse sentences that would kill my afternoon.

Second, he sets up his recommendations for the church with an excellent survey of culture and world view. As a reader this is what I like to see. I want the application to have a sufficient context. I want have a basis for the application. Daniel does a great job explaining where we have been, where we are at now, and where we are going. There are a few examples thrown in to illustrate this cultural survey. But again, it is not exhaustive. It is just enough to give credibility to his application.

Third, his recommendations are direct and practical. And on top of that, it is easy to see that his advice is coming from a practitioner and not just a theoretician. Daniel has walked the streets, seen these realities, and wrestled with these ideas. I appreciate that the book was birthed in a classroom setting. The material is taken from a message he gave in a college class. This means that a level of accountability was applied to his ideas.

So I highly recommend the book. I'm looking forward to reading it again and interacting with the recommendations that he suggests. There are a number of other books that could be birthed from this resource.

You can also buy it from Amazon here. (Once it is officially released.)